We provide management systems specialising in Quality, WHS, Environment, and Food Safety.

Our Vision

Simple, quick and affordable management systems consulting.

Anitech’s unique consulting methodology ensures businesses/organisations can now afford to have a high-quality (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001) system developed and implemented by experienced ISO consultants.

We believe we can add value and to assist business’ / organisations with improving their processes, which is essential for all businesses in the current economic climate. We believe a well developed and implemented system should lead to improved business performance.

The entire process will be managed by our qualified ISO consultants, who will ensure you achieve certification in the agreed time frame.

If you are business owner or manager, a partnership, or even a sole trader, tell us about your business. We will provide you a proposal and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

What is a Management System?

It is the generic terminology used to refer to processes and procedures that are used to achieve the objectives set by management. The different kinds of Management systems:

This simple diagram explains the relationship how the policies of anhome_struct organisation impacts on the business objectives and how the Business objectives impact on the process and procedures used within an organisation.

No two organisations, however similar, can have the same set of processes and procedures. The processes and procedures are specific to an organisation and have to be developed and implemented based on the individual requirements.

Anitech Consulting is a specialist in developing and implementing environmental & OHS management systems, food safety systems, and quality assurance services to meet the specific requirements of an Organisation.

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