We provide management systems specialising across a range of industries, including Occupational Hygiene, Management Systems, Technology services, Food Quality and Safety Management services, and a range of other specialised services to help organisations achieve regulatory compliance, streamline their services, and maximise their profits.

Mission Statement and Values

Anitech is a place where individual passion blends with commitment, integrity, and capability. We are a consulting house focused on helping organisations maximise their management systems value and business process potential. With thorough industrial and functional expertise, combined with effective data and technology solutions, we work alongside our clients as their extended team to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Our commitment to personalised service and working with clients throughout the entire certification process, to ensure everything meets their needs, is part of what separates us from the competition. Our unique collaborative model helps us to make strategic and enduring outcomes, at a competitive pace.

In short, we offer simple, quick and affordable management systems consulting. Anitech’s unique consulting methodology ensures organisations can now afford to have a high-quality (e.g., ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001) system developed and implemented by experienced ISO consultants, to help the business achieve its operational goals.

We believe we can add value and assist any organisation we work with to develop procedures to improve their processes and deliver a service that distinguishes them from their competitors, which is essential for all businesses in our competitive economic climate. We believe a well developed and implemented system should lead to improved business performance.

The entire process will be managed by our qualified ISO consultants, who will ensure you achieve certification in the agreed time frame. If you are a business owner or manager, a partnership, or even a sole trader, tell us about your organisation, the goals set for it, and its operational structure. We will provide you a proposal and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

What is a Management System?

It is the generic terminology used to refer to processes and procedures that are used to achieve the objectives set by management. Some of the different kinds of Management systems include:

To help our clients understand the process of auditing their existing business practices, and strengthening them to ensure they are efficient, effective, and compliant, Anitech broadly implements management systems under a number of business categories. After establishing what area of the operations a business would like to work with, Anitech’s consultants can work with them to help narrow down what they want to achieve. Specifically, our current range of business services encompass:

Occupational Hygiene Services

This service works to ensure businesses are providing a regulatory safe and compliant workplace, with no potential environmental hazards threatening the safety of staff and on-site visitors. Occupational Hygiene audits can focus on a range of different factors, working to safeguard worksites against a host of potential risk factors, including:

Air Quality Monitoring 
Fit Testing
Noise Management Plan & Policies 
Heat Stress Monitoring 
Ventilation Studies 
Chemical Exposure Monitoring 
Noise and Vibration Studies 
Ergonomic Studies 
Ergonomic Furniture 
Hearing Protection Products 
Noise Monitoring 
Audiometric Testing
General Environmental Safety Audits

Management Systems

Management Systems audits focus on reviewing the existing practices of a business to assess for efficiency, safety, and compliance. Broadly, this process works to ensure the business is performing to the best of its ability in a regulatory manner, with maximised profits and downtime being minimised. Some of the specific business areas this process can focus on, include:

ISO 9001 Quality Management 
Process Mapping 
Lean Program 
ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety 
Hazardous Substances Audit 
Rehabilitation Management Systems 
National Audit Tool 
ISO 14001 Environmental Management 
Integrated Management Systems (IMS) 
HSE (Health+ Safety + Environment) 
ISO/TS 16949 Automotive 
ISO 13865 Medical Devices 
Risk Assessments 
Internal Audits 
Management System Maintenance 
Modern Slaver Act 2018 
Generalised business improvement strategies

Technology Services

This area works to ensure the business’ technology services and practices are efficient, secure, and streamlined. Broadly, it works to ensure an organisation is not only utilising relevant digital services to streamline their processes, but that the services they use are safe and secure.

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security 
Right Fit For Risk (RFFR) 
SharePoint Migration 
LAHEBO Digital Platform 
Digital Transformation 
Data Analysis 
Data Analytics 
Software/IT Integration 
Penetration Testing 
Software Evaluation 
Generalised information technology services.

Food Quality and Safety Management Services

This process ensures that business’ in the food industry develop efficient, compliant, processes for keeping the food they work with hazard- and contamination-free across all stages of the food supply chain. By implementing a Food Safety System, your business actively promotes a safe working environment, whilst also reassuring customers and stakeholders that your business has actively recognised potential contamination risks and taken steps to ensure they do not impact your operations.

HACCP (Food Safety System – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) 
FSSC (ISO 22000) 
Safe Quality Foods (SQF) 
Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI) 
General Food Safety Services

Other Programs/Services

In addition to the above, Anitech also offers general business programs and services, to help organisations align their daily practices with their long-term operational goals. Some of our generalised services include:

Energy Management 
Asset Management 
GECA – Good Environment Choice Australia

Chain of Responsibility 
Legislation Reviews/Notifications/Analysis 
Risk Management 
Project Management Services 
Market Research and Analysis Reports 
Governance Reviews

This simple diagram explains the relationship how the policies of anhome_struct organisation impacts on the business objectives and how the Business objectives impact on the process and procedures used within an organisation.

No two organisations, however similar, can have the same set of processes and procedures. The processes and procedures are specific to an organisation and have to be developed and implemented based on the individual requirements.

Anitech is a specialist in developing and implementing environmental & OHS management systems, food safety systems, and quality assurance services to meet the specific requirements of an organisation.

Call us now for information on our services as your ISO Consultant, OHS Consultant or Safety Consultant in your state.

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