Health & Safety is a key aspect in every workplace. Businesses are legally required to ensure that health & safety risks within the workplace are managed, and their employees are safe in their workplace. In the past, many companies have struggled in managing occupational health & safety within their business due to lack of system, process and resources.

If your business currently does not have any health & safety management system and unsure whether to develop and implement ISO 45001:2018 based occupational health & safety system.  Then the following four reasons will help you take that decision and gain more understanding.


Understanding the benefits of ISO 45001

Implementing ISO 45001 provides the organisation with a bundle of benefits and opportunities such as meeting legal requirements, gaining credibility and reputation, decrease attrition rates, prevent health & safety risks, manage risk effectively, win more business, keep workers safe and improve the process to manage health & safety. These benefits will indirectly bring the return on your investment.


Standard makes it easy

Getting a management system in place can be daunting for that business who currently don’t have one. The ISO 45001:2015 standard provides us with a framework and guideline for a plan, develop, establish, implement, maintain and improve a health & safety management system. The standard is like a ‘cheat sheet’ whereby following the standard the business gets the capability to have a system which is internationally benchmarked. The requirements of the standard cover various aspects of health & safety and enable the business to efficiently manage hazards and risks.


Meet legal compliance

Meeting legal compliance is crucial for business operations, and failure to comply with the applicable legal requirement can pose a serious threat to business survival. ISO 45001 promotes the business to have a process in place to identify all applicable legal requirements and comply with them. Many state authorities such as Worksafe take into account the existence of a health & safety system when they are investigating a health & safety incident. In some cases, even the fines or penalties are reduced where the business has shown due diligence by having a health and safety system in place.


Save cost

It is difficult to put a dollar value on the benefits that can be realised by having an ISO45001 system. However, there are numerous indirect cost benefits in establishing and maintaining a health & safety system. By implementing the ISO 45001 based system, you can improve productivity, increase the efficiency of your processes, increase worker’s participation and engagement, reduce the number of incidents, lower lost time injury, reduce work claims due to injuries and reduce the number of sick days that are taken in your organisation.


Health & safety matters

Although business can be focused on the money involved in implementing an ISO 45001 management system, they also need to understand that not all benefits can have an exact dollar value assigned. Aspects such as improving the safety culture within the organisation, reducing injuries, meeting legal compliance should be the main priority of the business regarding deciding whether to implement a health & safety management system.


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