Acoustic partitions increase productivity through minimising distractions.

While an open space office environment can bring many benefits to companies, including a sense of inclusion and increased participation amongst employees, it can also introduce several operational challenges to business’. For example, increased noise levels within the workplace could impact the ability of staff to fully concentrate on their duties. Further, with the ongoing pandemic an open space office could also lead to concerns about effective social distancing practices amongst colleagues. The good news is that organisations can easily and effectively work at addressing these concerns by installing acoustic partitions throughout their workplace. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and portable, meaning that they can be moved at the convenience of staff, allowing them to work in an effective, distraction-free environment. This article will discuss some of the main advantages business’ can gain by installing acoustic partitions throughout their offices.

Acoustic partitions absorb and contain sounds

Acoustic partitions act as a soundproof partition, which works at distinguishing them from regular office dividers and partitions by providing workplaces with extremely high sound absorption, through their sound mesh lining. Installing acoustic partitions across a workplace can bring many benefits to companies, including:

  • Minimising noises through effective sound absorption: Acoustic partitions work at containing and localising noises to particular areas. This means that by enclosing an area within these partitions, staff could have a meeting without distracting other employees, as they effectively minimise background noise and conversations, allowing everyone to fully concentrate on their duties.
  • Helping create COVID-Safe workplaces: Acoustic partitions create both a sound and physical barrier in workplaces, meaning not only do they work at mitigating noises, they also help staff socially distance, provide protective barriers between different areas, and provide team members with a sense of privacy.
  • Helping divide open offices into different areas: An open floor office often has multiple staff in the same area, despite their roles and duties being vastly different. Acoustic partitions can easily divide offices into various departments, with the partitions immediately acting as a visual signifier that it is a different area to others. Further, acoustic partitions come in a range of different styles and colours, meaning that offices can easily be colour-coded into relevant sections, which is a simple, yet effective, method of visually distinguishing different areas.
  • Offering effective sound solutions for all types of workplaces: One of the central benefits of acoustic partitions is they are suitable to a wide range of work environments, from traditional offices, educational institutions, clubs, department stores and so on. This is because in addition to being cost-effective, they are portable and versatile, meaning that they can easily be moved and rearranged to best suit the individual requirements of the workplace.

Acoustic office partitions are an essential element of office ergonomics

Office partitioning is just one component of the wider area of effective office ergonomics, which looks at strategies for ensuring workplaces are designed in a way that maximises comfort, space, and efficiency. This is achieved through strategies such as providing staff with personal space and comfort through desk dividers, ensuring staff are sitting in a safe seating posture, ensuring that staff are provided with safe and comfortable furniture, and so on.

Although office partitioning is just one aspect of effective office ergonomics, it is a crucial one as the effective installation of acoustic partitions maximise productivity, minimise downtime, and help develop an overall safer, more productive work culture.

How acoustic partitions could help your business achieve a range of goals

After reading this article you may be wondering how acoustic partitions could be installed across your workplace to help it achieve a range of goals, how many acoustic partitions you should purchase, how to install them so that they maximise productivity, and so on. The short answer is that what works best for one workplace may not for another, due to differences in their office layout, environment, and size.

To best understand how you can make this process work for your business, please contact our specialist consultants today by email at or by phone on 1300 802 163. By telling them about your business, including how many worksites it has, what its offices look like, how many staff are typically onsite throughout the workday, and other relevant information, they can explain to you how acoustic partitions could be effectively installed across your workplace to help your business achieve the goals discussed in this article.

Further, they can arrange for a basic ergonomic assessment of your workplace to be conducted, to help with its broader office ergonomic goals, and develop a more efficient workplace in the process. Give us a call, and we can get the ball rolling on this process, and help your company remain safe, structured, and supportive.

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