Implementing an IMS helped this business expand its services.

Companies looking to streamline their operations, increase their productivity, and overall, deliver a more effective, customer-focused service to their clients, will benefit from conducting an audit of their existing operations. By doing so, they will be able to cross-reference their current operations with their organisational targets, and then take proactive steps to work at reaching their goals. This process is known as a gap analysis, and is an important step in helping business’ align their existing practices with their desired objectives. Recently, a business with many years servicing its customers approached Anitech for some help expanding their operations, and by working closely with them to understand their goals and discussing how Anitech’s services could help them achieve them, Anitech was able to help this business strengthen its operations and continue to deliver an effective customer service experience.

How an IMS helped them improve improve their service delivery

KADD Facility Group delivers leading cleaning, facilities, environmental and property maintenance solutions across Victoria and New South Wales. Its range of services include commercial, window, carpet, maintenance, graffiti removal, industrial cleaning and more.  

Their specialist teams cover all commercial sectors including: Education and Child Care, Retirement, Aged Care and Health, Hospitality and Recreational Centres, Government and Non-Profit Organisations, Commercial, Retail, Shopping Centres and Car Parks, Industrial and Manufacturing Sites, and Strata Buildings. 

KADD had a clear set of business objectives that they approached Anitech with, that they were looking for help in achieving: they wanted to expand their operations to reach a Queensland market, have company progression to be relevant in government industries for more work, and thus ensure that they were meeting the pre-requisites to do business in these industries.

KADD was looking for a company they could work with, to help them achieve these goals, and so they came to Anitech for help developing an Integrated Management System (IMS) into their business structure. This process sees companies streamline their operations through strategies such as unifying their systems, developing an easier to manage business operations, and creating a standardised level of consistency across all their divisions. KADD was looking to increase their efficiency, and know the benefits of the Business Management Systems they use daily. By streamlining their operations, strengthening their services, and ensuring that their management systems were certified to industry standards, KADD aimed to increase their business in various industries, including hospitality and the education sector. 

By clearly defining their goals Anitech helped KADD achieve them

KADD was pleased with the level of service and professionalism delivered by Anitech, which was of such a high standard that they made a commitment to continue contracting Anitech to achieve their business goals. They were happy with the services provided by Steven, their specialist consultant assigned to help them throughout their project, and his thorough communication which helped improve KADD’s knowledge regarding the particulars of Business Management Systems, and how they can help organisations realise their objectives in several ways, including:

  •  Ensuring that all aspects of the business’ operations are working towards the same goal, and that their existing processes and procedures are conducive towards achieving its objectives.
  • A reduction in downtime through the elimination of inefficient processes, and the substitution of proven successful business strategies that are aligned with the business’ overall objectives.
  • A reduction in overhead costs through the unification of company systems and processes. This means that previously incompatible business systems and processes are audited and then altered to ensure there is consistency and harmony between them. By standardising the business’ systems, downtime is significantly reduced, which will, in turn, help maximise profits.

“Let the professionals do their work” – Nick Bailey, KADD General Manager

By contracting Anitech to help them develop effective Integrated Management Systems across their operations, KADD is confident that there will be an increase in productivity, a decrease in downtime, and that their entire operations will becomes smoother, with a significant drop in disruptions that effect the ability of employees to work to their highest standards.

Anitech is delighted to help KADD achieve their business goals, by helping them implement a Business Management System to ensure the continuity of their operations.

If you would like to know how the implementation of an IMS could help your business achieve its goals, then please give Anitech’s specialist consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. It is a simple process, where you tell them about your business operations, and the goals you have set for it. They will then be able to discuss with you some of the Integrated Management Systems available to help your company achieve its targets in a smooth, hassle-free manner. What could be better for your business than that?

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