An Information Security Management System helped this NDIS provider streamline its processes.

Blurb: Want to know some of the immediate benefits business’ stand to gain from implementing an Information Security Management System? This blog contains customer insight and knowledge into the implementation process, and a discussion of how it helped one organisation streamline their services and formalise their processes, while working with specialised consultants who provided supportive advice throughout the whole implementation process. By implementing the ISO 27001 Information Security Standards and Right Fit For Risk (RFFR), the staff at this NDIS provider gained a clearer insight into how to align their existing system processes to their wider business objectives.

At Anitech we are committed to delivering easy, efficient, and effective Management Systems to business’, to help them streamline their services, maximise productivity, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. As such, one of the more rewarding aspects of our role is getting positive client feedback about how Anitech helped them align their daily practices with their long-term goals, of running efficiently and securely. This demonstrates to us the positive effects that the successful implementation of a Management System can have for business’, such as strengthening their operations and demonstrating a commitment to excellence.

The ISO 27001 Information Security Standards are an internationally recognised set of standards to help business’ safeguard their data from both intentional and unintentional security risks. The standards provide awareness about the scope of business information security, helping organisations develop effective strategies to maintain the confidentiality of their data, and ensuring that staff are well-trained on how to identify potential information security risks, and what steps need to be taken to minimise the dangers.

We recently spoke to one of our customersfrom an NDIS disability employment provider, and they conversed with us at length about how when Anitech helped them implement the ISO 27001 Information Security standards across their organisation, it made it “clearer for staff to know what to do.” They went on to explain that Disability Employment Service Providers are required to achieve ISO 27001 Information Security Standards and Right Fit For Risk certification, to ensure that their confidential information is safely secured, and that there are adequate controls in place for sufficiently addressing information security issues. They said that prior to contracting Anitech’s services “they already had some controls in place”, but that they “needed to make sure what we had fit the accreditation requirements and fixed the gaps as well”, and so needed Anitech’s assistance in ensuring that their controls met the outlined requirements.

ISO 27001 accreditation is a commitment to safety of data.

One of the challenges they faced in getting certification to these standards was that they “had a really tight time turnaround”, but they went on to explain that Anitech’s specialist consultants “were absolutely able to assist in that way”, by being responsive and working to their tight deadline. Anitech’s services were beneficial to their organisation “by providing specific feedback and improvement and just being really responsive.” They noted that any questions they had about the process were met with clear guidance on what they needed to do, stating a clear action response outlining what gaps needed to be addressed, which helped them achieve their goal of ISO 27001 and RFFR certification.

They stated that the benefits of this process were immediate, noting that some of the ways their organisation has gained from this are that “we have absolutely streamlined and formalised processes as well”, and that the easy-to-understand instruction of the specialist consultants has meant that “it’s clearer for staff to know what to do.”

Working with Anitech was a simple, hassle-free process.

Engagement with Anitech is an easy, straight-forward, process, and they stated that our specialised consultants were “responsive, friendly, and helpful.” They stated that one of the key benefits that Anitech’s consultants brought to the process was ensuring that it was as simple as possible, claiming that “the engagement process was just easy, which is really nice.”

Anitech was delighted to help this organisation achieve its goal of ISO 27001 and RFFR accreditation, and streamline their systems in the process. If you would like to know more about how Anitech can help your organisation achieve its goals, in a straight-forward, clear, manner, then please give Anitech’s specialist consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. By telling them what your operational goals are, they will be able to outline to you a hassle-free procedure that can be taken to help your business achieve them. Doesn’t that sound like something worth aiming for?

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