ISO 45001 helps businesses protect their staff, and uphold high-safety standards.

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What do you think is a company’s most valuable asset? Some people might answer its holdings, whilst others would say its reputation. While those things are indeed crucial, without the required manpower to turn ideas into reality and help the company work towards its goals these assets would be worth a lot less than they are now. Therefore, happy, productive employees are a vital asset to all organisations. To keep staff happy and productive, businesses should be taking active steps to develop an Occupational Health and Safety compliant work environment for all employees. By doing so they are showing their staff that they care, which increases morale and overall productivity. Through certifying to the ISO 45001 Standards businesses can develop a clear strategy for working towards these goals.

An OH&S Management System helps identify and manage risk

Organisations looking to develop compliant work health and safety practices should strongly consider implementing the ISO 45001:2018 Standards. It is an internationally recognised Business Management System that companies from all different industries around the world implement to reach their OH&S goals, achieve regulatory compliance, and develop a safe, productive working culture. The primary goal of ISO 45001 is to prevent work-related injuries and accidents through the develop of a safe, compliant work environment.

ISO 45001 certification can also increase business opportunities between companies, as many organisations certified to it will only deal with other ISO 45001 certified companies. Further, as an internationally recognised Standard, it can not only lead to increased local and national business prospects, but also leads to international opportunities between companies.

It can be specifically tailored to your business

One of the primary advantages of ISO 45001 is that it can be tailored to all businesses, regardless of their industry, size, work type, number of staff they employ, and a range of other factors. This is because it approaches the issue of developing compliant work health and safety strategies through several different perspectives. For example, not only can it help businesses exposed to physical safety risks both identify and mitigate the risks to staff, it can also help companies develop practices to uphold the mental wellbeing of employees in difficult times.

Regardless of whether your business is a boutique store or a national multi-billion-dollar organisation, the ISO 45001 Standards can be implemented across the operations to help it achieve its compliance goals, and protect one of its most valued assets – its staff.

Its top-down approach involves everyone in staff safety

A key feature of ISO 45001 is that it adopts a top-down approach to employee safety and compliance, meaning that all staff get involved in the development of compliant WHS practices, in several different ways. For example, senior management should work at implementing the standards, conducting a gap analysis of their existing WHS practices against their targets and develop processes to work towards achieving them, while other staff could be involved through team training, developing an incident reporting chain of command, and ensuring that all employees are trained on what to do in the event of an incident.

Through this process, the development of compliant WHS practices becomes a team effort, which can heighten staff engagement and morale. Further, ISO 45001 firmly focuses on risk management, in identifying potential OH&S risks before they can impact staff, then taking appropriate action to mitigate the risks, ensuring staff wellbeing is never endangered. This approach is designed to help companies be proactive when it comes to developing and maintaining compliant OH&S practices, thus ensuring the wellbeing of their staff is always upheld.

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Reading this article may have left you with some questions about the specifics of the certification process, how it can be tailored to your company, how to overcome common challenges businesses may face, and so on. Please contact our specialist safety consultants today by filling out this online contact us form, or by calling them on 1300 802 163 for a quick, zero-obligation consultation.

All you need to do is tell them a bit about your business, and they can then explain how the ISO 45001 Standards could be implemented across your organisation to help it achieve its WHS goals. Following this, they can arrange for one of our WHS consultants to work closely with your company to implement ISO 45001, thus ensuring it keeps one of its most valuable assets safe, and demonstrates a commitment to compliant safety standards. Wouldn’t you agree that sounds like an Optimal way to Heighten Staff morale?

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