Free Webinar: The Importance of Information Security in the Workplace.

On the fifth of November, Anitech, in conjunction with South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA), hosted a webinar on The Importance of Information Security in the Workplace. The webinar was hosted by Anitech director Anita Patturajan, and featured key Information Security insights from Anitech’s James Paul, Senior Information Security Management System (ISMS) consultant, and Sreejith Sreekumar, ISMS consultant.

Paul and Sreekumar spoke of some of the potential information security threats business’ are at risk of in the changing marketplace of 2020, and offered some potential solutions and strategies for upholding a business’ confidential data. The webinar offered some relevant insights into exactly what information security is for companies, how even an apparently ‘minor’ incident can cause major disruptions to operations, and the importance of conducting periodic risks assessments and audits to ensure that your business not only implements an effective ISMS, but that it is routinely audited and checked for any potential weak points, to ensure that the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) of business data is upheld.

Please check out this video recording of the webinar, to gain some insight into how the implementation of the internationally certified ISO 27001 Information Security Standard will assist your business in developing a strong, secure Information Security Management System, help your organisation develop up-to-date strategies to ensure that all potential information security weak points of the organisation are adequately addressed, and maintain its strong reputation with stakeholders.

If, after watching this video, you would like to learn more about how an ISMS could be tailored to the specific information security requirements of your organisation, then please give Anitech’s consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. They will be able to discuss with you how your business stands to benefit from the ISO 27001 Standards, how they could be implemented at your organisation in a smooth, hassle-free manner, and how they can work at keeping the CIA of your business’ confidential data as secure as possible.

Please click here to read more about how an ISMS helps your business stay one step ahead of cyber-threats.

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