The National Disability Insurance Scheme was initiated by the Australian Government for Australians with a disability, including people with intellectual, physical, sensory and psycho-social disabilities. We at Anitech, assist NDIS providers in setting a business management system which complies to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, DHHS and NDIS requirements.

Image showing Interaction of NDIS, DHSS and ISO9001 standards

Image showing Interaction of NDIS, DHSS and ISO9001 standards

Anitech Way:

We at Anitech, believe every customer is unique and the management system has to be customised to their needs and expectations. Our experienced consultants will work with the company representatives behind the scenes in developing a practical, unique and useful business management system which will assist to improve productivity and employee performance.

Typically, a successful business will have a system to assist them achieve greater heights. Our process of management system development and maintenance begins by understanding the existing system and identifying ways to use the existing system to satisfy International standards and other requirements. Our gap analysis reports clearly identify the merits of the existing system and the gaps which has to be bridged during the system development process.

We understand the importance of building a working system which doesn’t deter but cater to the needs of the organization. Our consultants will work with various stakeholders in the organization to create documented information which complies with the DHHS, NDIS and ISO 9001 requirements. We understand and respect the cultural values of the people and therefore help organizations in developing cultural plans which includes genograms.

First step of implementation is training, we conduct an awareness training to help stakeholders to understand the management system. Then work with the organization throughout the implementations phase by guiding and assisting them in making changes as per their requirements. Once the implementation is complete, our consultants audit the implemented management system for compliance to DHHS, NDIS, ISO 9001 and other legal requirements.

We help in conducting the management review after the internal audit and assist you during the external certification audit.


  1. Improvement of Company’s performance, coordination and productivity
  2. Improved Employee Participation and Satisfaction
  3. Greater focus on your business objectives and your customers’ expectations
  4. Decrease costs and reduce waste
  5. Continuous Improvement
  6. Increased Profits
  7. ISO 9001, DHHS (Vic), NDIS compliant management system.
  8. Opportunity to compete on the same basis as larger organisations (e.g. ability to tender or submit price quotes).

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