Under ISO 9001:2008 standard you shall have 6 mandatory documented procedures for
• clause 4.2.3 Control of documents
• clause 4.2.4 Control of records
• clause 8.2.2 Internal audit
• clause 8.3 Control of nonconforming product
• clause 8.5.2 Corrective action
• clause 8.5.3 Preventive action

These documented procedures have to be controlled in accordance with the requirements of clause 4.2.3 (Control of documents)
You may prefer to include your procedures and lower level documentation in your quality manual or organise them in some other fashion. The applicability of this would depend on the size of your organisation, complexity of the products and processes; competency of personnel, media used for documentation (hard copy versus computerised) comfort of use and understanding by personnel; maintainability etc

Depending on these same criteria, you may decide to have additional procedures (beyond the mandatory six) or carry over some or all the procedures you had under previous QMS systems.

Some of the mandatory procedures can be combined for example correction and preventive action may be combined as long as you address the specific requirements of each clause 8.5.2 and 8.5.3.
Note there are several ways to write procedures, other than the convectional narrative form. In fact, narrative documentation has been found to be the least effective way to promote user comprehension and ease of use. Procedures may be documented graphically for example Flowchart, Video, Series of pictures or photographs.

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