Integrated Management Systems are systems which integrates all components of a business into one complete system so as to enable the achievement of its purpose and mission.

An Integrated Management System allows for a more effective verification of the company’s approach to Quality, Safety and Environmental management.ims-1ISO Global’s Integrated Management Systems encapsulate all the aspects of our typical Management System Development, whilst adopting a holistic approach towards quality, safety and environmental management across all formalised systems.   This means that all the processes and the documents that describe them will take a holistic approach to quality, safety and environmental management encouraging your staff to do the same.

Below are some benefits to implement an Integrated Management System:

  • Quicker system development time
  • Reduced development costs compared to developing individual systems
  • Reduced certification costs compared to certifying individual systems
  • Easier to maintain – one set of documentation, policies, procedures and processes for all standards.
  • Reduces risks and increases profitability
  • Creates consistency
  • Helps to coordinate activities between all levels of the organisation
  • Helps to harmonise and optimise workplace practices
  • Improves communication
  • Helps to focus the organisation on the achievement of business goals
  • Helps to eliminate conflicting responsibilities and relationships

Previously, individual management systems have been developed and implemented for Quality, Safety and Environment etc. and each of these have been designed to meet different international and national standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 .

Characteristics of a successfully Implemented Integrated Management System:

  • It must be a simple system to operate
  • It must help users to quickly find the information they need to do their job
  • It should only display relevant information and functionality
  • It should ensure that confidential information is restricted to people on a need to know basis
  • It should require that users only enter information once
  • It should be easy to administer by your business users and not require excessive IT expertise to install, operate or support
  • It should be flexible enough to meet the requirements of each standard as well as the regulative requirements of each jurisdiction in which you operate under.

For more information on our ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 45001 OHS Systems or ISO 14001 Environmental Management

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