It can be challenging for business’ to effectively manage risks and compliance. RSVP to this webinar to learn about some strategies for successfully addressing this.

The past year has been one of the toughest ones for business’ in recent memory, as many companies have had to completely redefine the way they operate, develop new strategies to serve their customers, and completely overhaul their operational structure to meet new compliance regulations. Business’ have had to address a huge range of new operational challenges, particularly concerning meeting new compliance regulations. Keeping up with compliance obligations can seem like a difficult task, unless it is approached in a clear, systematic manner. To help organisations get a better understanding of what they could and should be doing to ensure they meet their compliance requirements, Anitech and technology solutions leaders SAS IT will be jointly hosting a free digital workshop webinar on this topic.

‘Don’t Get Derailed By Compliance & Regulatory Risks’ is the title of the webinar, and it will be hosted at 9am AEST on Thursday, the 17th of June. Jointly hosted by SAS IT and Anitech, it will be an informative, interesting digital workshop in which three Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) experts will be offering practical insight and advice into what companies should be doing right now to manage and maintain risks and compliance. SAS IT’s Client Director Tony Wilson will be the host, and the two key speakers will be Anita Patturajan, Managing Director of Anitech, and Michael Gibbs, Chief Executive of SureStep. These experts will be explaining how business’ can effectively address a number of regulatory challenges, including:

  • Compliance risks. They will discuss how by positively embracing compliance obligations and actively working to meet them, business’ will both meet their regulatory requirements, and be able to develop more efficient operational procedures in the process, thus turning a difficult situation into an overall beneficial experience.
  • The benefits of adopting digitisation processes. They will discuss how the pandemic resulted in a huge increase of business’ overhauling their work practices, and removing outdated paper processes, replacing them with smoother, faster procedures, through a process know as digitisation. They will discuss what business’ should be doing to prepare for and undergo the digitisation of their systems, and the benefits they can gain from doing so.
  • How business’ can utilise the best practices to achieve their goals. Without clear, systematic processes in place, business’ are at risk of operating in an inefficient manner, which could lead to repetition of tasks, ineffectively managing their client information, inefficient database management, and so on. The speakers will discuss some effective processes that business’ should be employing to work at developing an efficient operational routine, which only utilises the best practices available.

RSVP here to secure your spot

Anitech and SAS IT understand that these issues are of concern to the wider business community, and so all business’ are invited to attend this digital workshop. They can secure their place by clicking on this link Webinar Registration – Zoom to RSVP. Please do so at your earliest convenience, to ensure you do not miss out on your spot.

However, in the uncertain situation that many business’ are currently in, their compliance obligations are often changing on a weekly basis, as new workplace regulations are implemented to ensure organisations practice the safest working conditions. Therefore, some business’ may want to know what they could be doing right now to develop effective risk management strategies and meet their compliance obligations. If that applies to you, then please contact Anitech’s specialist consultants at or by phone on 1300 802 163. Simply give them a rundown of your business and some of the compliance challenges it is experiencing, and they will discuss with you what your business could be doing to meet these challenges head-on, achieve regulatory compliance, and improve its operations in the process.

Please click here to watch a video of Anitech’s March webinar on how implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards gives business’ an edge in a competitive market.

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