Anitech’s March webinar will discuss how effective OH&S practices can strengthen an organisation.

Blurb: Staying on top of their work health and safety obligations can sometimes seem challenging, but it is necessary to ensure the continuity, success, and safety of an organisation. Anitech has a free webinar at 11am, on the third of March, on how the implementation of the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards can help companies achieve their work health and safety goals, while strengthening their overall business practices. It will be an interesting, informative session, so be sure to RSVP your spot.

Effective Occupational Health and Safety practices are a lot like insurance; it is something that many people do not think about when they do not need it, but in the event of an incident it becomes an utmost priority. This is because customers, staff, and regulatory bodies have an expectation that any business they visit or work for will have taken the appropriate steps to ensure their workplace is a safe environment, that there are appropriate support networks in place for those in need, and that it has achieved regulatory compliance. Further, business’ that have had their existing work health and safety processes audited, and then have taken appropriate measures to ensure they are meeting industry regulations, stand the best chance of distinguishing themselves from their competitors in a tough marketplace.

However, one of the challenges organisations are currently facing is how to implement appropriate, compliant COVID-Safe measures across their workplace, while keeping up to date with regulatory changes regarding appropriate OH&S practices, when it comes to health and safety concerns such as physical distancing, keeping offices clean and sanitary, adequately training staff on their responsibilities, and so on. Workplace rules, regulations, and laws have changed over the past year to keep workplaces COVID-Safe, and business’ need to ensure that all their practices meet the latest workplace regulations.

To help business’ develop some appropriate strategies for addressing these concerns, Anitech is hosting a free webinar at 11am, on the third of March, in which two of Anitech’s Integrated Management Systems specialists, Julian and Fadi, will be speaking about How business’ can get the edge by implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards. They will be explaining how these internationally recognised work health and safety guidelines, released in 2018 by the International Organization for Standardization, provide business’ with proven successful strategies for developing an effective OH&S Management System across their operations.

They will go into detail about the benefits business’ stand to gain by either implementing or migrating to these standards, explaining how it distinguishes itself from the previous OH&S standards that are being phased out, by adopting a more holistic, unified approach to effective work health and safety procedures.

Some of the practical insights that will be discussed at this webinar, include:

  • What the implementation, or migration, process is like for business’. What they can expect from the process, what is required of them to ensure they meet certification standards, and some of the common challenges other business’ have faced and some effective strategies to overcome them are just some of the insights into the advantages these standards offer business’, that will be discussed at the webinar.
  • How the ISO 45001:2018 Standards distinguish themselves from both OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801, the previous work health and safety standards. They will explain how the new standards provide a more holistic approach to developing effective work health and safety practices, that caters to both the physical and mental wellbeing requirements of staff. The past year has been a stressful time for business’, and many employees may be feeling burned out or worried. They will discuss how these standards provide adequate provisions for helping business’ develop appropriate support networks to ensure their employees always feel safe and supported.
  • How the standards help business’ develop a clear auditing, maintenance, and reviewal process of their existing OH&S procedures, as well as appropriate documentation procedures. The standards not only help business’ ensure their workplace practices are OH&S compliant, they help companies develop processes for thoroughly documenting their progress, outlining what steps they have taken, and so on. This documentation process not only helps business’ track their own progress, it can also be used as proof of the business’ commitment to maintaining workplace compliance.

A Q&A session will be Quick and Absorbing.

The webinar will run for one hour, with the first fifty minutes of it being an informative, engaging session in which Julian and Fadi will discuss how these standards can help business’ get a competitive edge and demonstrate a commitment to safety. In the final ten minutes of the session, attendees will have the opportunity to pitch their questions to our specialists. Attendees are encouraged to participate, as this is a great chance to find out how the standards could be specifically tailored to their business, why they should certify to these standards even if they are already certified to one of the older OH&S Standards, and so on.

Julian and Fadi will work to address all questions, and give people an idea about the next steps they should be taking to make this process run as smoothly as possible.

There are only limited spots available for this webinar, so to make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity, please RSVP your spot here Webinar Registration – Zoom. However, as many business’ are in a precarious position right now, and having to make constant changes to their workplace to ensure it meets current regulations, it is recommended that business’ do not delay in taking some initial steps to find out how these standards could be tailored to their organisation, to both strengthen its existing processes and uphold its reputation as a reliable company to work with.

If you would like to learn more about how these standards could help your business stay compliant and competitive then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163, for a quick, no-charge consultation. All you need to do is give them a rundown of the specifics of your business, including its industry, type, and size, and they will be able to explain to you some of the common and lesser known OH&S challenges business’ like yours may face, and how certifying to these standards can help you successfully address them. Doesn’t that sound like a great strategy for business success?

Please click here to read more about how these standards help business’ keep their practices trouble-free and transparent.

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