Anitech Group was able to help an organisation by analysing their existing systems, and helping them streamline it.

Anitech Group has a commitment to working within the community to help business’ streamline their operations, strengthen their systems, and be able to improve their customer service, in order to maximise productivity, reduce downtime, and produce the best result for their clients. As such, Anitech works with several NDIS providers, to help them strengthen and streamline their quality management and information security systems, to ensure that the business and people they work with are given sufficient opportunities to increase their learning opportunities, get involved in the community, and in general, improve their quality of life. We were recently approached by a NDIS provider, who had quality management and information security management challenges and opportunities as part of their innovation roadmap.

They felt that their existing systems were convoluted, and not effective. With a myriad of clients on a daily basis, they were stretched with their internal workforce to assess their skillset, possible challenges they may face in integrating into the workforce, and then help them find suitable employment. As they work in such a vital sector, it is important for them to have efficient business systems across the board, particularly regarding information security, so that not only do their clients get personally tailored service, their personal details are stored in a secure manner. They asked Anitech to analyse their existing business operational system, to gauge what was working efficiently, what wasn’t, and what processes needed to be implemented to ensure that they were running an effective business management system.

Anitech Group’s consultants analysed their existing systems, and discovered that through the implementation of the internationally certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, which complies to the national disability standard requirements, their systems could be streamlined, thus operating in a more efficient, customer-focused manner. This was a challenging process, as there were several potential risks associated with the process. Firstly, they were located across various sites and had complex business processes implemented across all their branches. To address this, we employed a systematic approach, where we identified, quantified and implemented standardised controls across the board, in order to safeguard against potential discrepancies between their quality control systems across sites.

Secondly, their existing document management system was quite convoluted, and most staff complained about not being able to find the correct documents in relation to their work in a time effective manner. We undertook the task of simplifying their existing business process and their implementation of SharePoint to make it less time intensive, which led into the third challenge, of data analysis. Our consultants identified a need for a unified, cohesive data analysis system, which addressed all their data analysis requirements through a simple, easy to use system. Using a technological approach we were able to implement SharePoint, and significantly streamline their services.

Further, Anitech helped them develop and implement ISO 27001 Information Security Standards¸ which address one of a business’ most vital assets – information – and the ways it could be compromised. It offers simple, easy-to-implement solutions to help organisation’s safeguard their customer and client data and uphold their reputation. Anitech Group helped them develop these security standards across the board, thus ensuring they are now addressing the issues of protecting their business data through a methodical, simple approach, where there is a clear chain-of-command to follow in the event of an incident. This form of Business Process Optimisation assisted the organisation in dealing with challenges such as adapting their management processes related to the implementation of these controls while ensuring minimal disruption to operations, and in the drafting and finalising of all policies and procedures adhering to these standards.

Through the implementation of the Quality Management and Information Security Standards, we were able to help this organisation conduct an audit of their business operations, identify potential weak spots and systematically safeguard their business risks through the implementation of structured quality management and information security approaches. We also assisted them in designing a safe-checking system to ensure their systems continue to operate efficiently, in-line with industry requirements, and that their clients get effective service in an efficient manner. This result was beneficial to all parties, and we are delighted to assist this organisation in meeting their innovation strategy goals and better serving their community as a result.

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