The first step of any journey is always the hardest.

The decision to begin something is tougher than the actual journey.

As a Business Owner who realises the benefits of ISO 9001 certification and having made the decision to start the certification process: YOU have already taken the first step.

Your Anitech Consultant can walk you through the remaining steps.

While the process is very detailed the following steps are a guide to the different phases of the certification process.

Step #1 Preparation:

This step may seem trivial and most Certification companies as well as businesses tend to overlook this step.

At Anitech Consulting we believe that diligent preparation is the foundation of a smooth and effective Certification process.

Some of the key preparation phase requirements are appointing a Business Representative, ensuring access to all Operational Policies/Procedures and Prepare employees and get their buy-in.

Step #2 Documentation:

Perhaps the most dreaded part of the certification process is the documentation phase.

However, Anitech Consulting can get your business the required ISO 9001 documentation quickly and at minimal cost.

The key documents required are Process Flowcharts, Quality Manuals, Procedures Manuals, Work-Flow Instructions and Forms to name a few.

While documentation is not interchangeable between businesses, we will customise the documentation to be specific and suitable for your business.

Step #3 Implementation:

As stated earlier effective preparation, specifically getting employee buy-in, will ensure this most crucial stage is smooth and effective.

Working across your business and with different employees (the layers can vary based on size of your business and number of employees) this phase will show the benefits of the new ISO 9001 processes.

For larger businesses you can have Line managers or Department heads work with their teams to ensure implementation and training. For a smaller business the entire team can train and implement the processes together.

Step #4 Internal Audits:

This phase is conducted by an auditor to ensure your business is following all the ISO 9001 requirements.

This internal audit can be conducted by the Business representative or in larger organisations multiple employees can be trained as internal auditors.

Anitech Consulting recommends that to ensure continued compliance these internal audits are conducted at periodic intervals.

Step #5 ISO 9001 Certification:

Finally, to achieve the ISO 9001 certification it is necessary to select an ISO 9001 registrar who will send an independent auditor to perform the Certification Audit.

If you have appointed Anitech Consulting to walk you through the certification steps this step is a mere formality; as we have years of experience.

Congratulations! You are now certified.

You can Now start getting the benefits of proudly promoting your status as an ISO 9001 certified business.

You can send Press Releases, use the ISO 9001 certification on you Marketing collateral and most importantly acknowledge your employees whose hard work has made this possible .

We recommend you call Anitech Consulting today. We are available and always willing to guide you through the ISO9001 process and work with you to make sure that your business implements the correct processes.

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