A Food Safety Management System helps your business attract and maintain customers.

Business’ in the food industry operate in many different capacities to ensure the success of their organisation, due to how ‘success’ can be measured in several ways. Manufacturing, preparing, and providing customers with safe, tasty, appetising food is just one of the steps that companies in the food industry need to take to attract and maintain customers, increase their profits, and uphold their reputation. Attracting potential customers and getting them to purchase your products is just the first step a successful organisation needs to take, as they also need to work at maintaining their customers for future food purchases. Further, the better a company’s food products are the higher the chances of positive word of mouth from existing customers, which can actively work at bringing in new customers to the business. It is clear that a positive relationship with the general public is vital for a successful business in the food industry.

This is a tricky step, because there are so many different food choices on the market, as you will see by browsing through virtually any supermarket in the country.  When potential buyers go to the supermarket, or out to a restaurant for dinner, and they have so many different food options available, what steps can relevant business’ take to work at attracting and maintaining potential customers? It comes down to generating and maintaining customer confidence in your business’ ability to manufacture, prepare and transport food products that have been subjected to the highest food safety standards.

How strong food safety standards increases your business’ chances of success

By working to instil in potential customers the confidence that your business takes its food safety seriously, and is implementing active, internationally recognised food safety and hygiene standards to ensure that the food they eat remains contamination and hazard free across all points of the food supply chain, you are demonstrating to potential customers that you care about their safety, are taking active steps to ensure that the food they purchase is of the highest standard, and that no short cuts or workarounds have been taken because your organisation recognises that food safety standards are only as strong as their weakest link, so you are actively ensuring that all potential contamination points and risks are dealt with so food is not contaminated.

By taking these steps to generate customer confidence in your high-quality food standards your organisation substantially increases its chances of getting return customers. These are the hallmarks of successful, reputable company’s within the food industry. However, with increasing concerns regarding workplace hygiene and food preparation standards, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for business’ to work with industry certified standards when it comes to food safety, to safeguard against a number of potential risks, and ensure the continuity of their operations.

The internationally certified ISO 22000 Food Safety standards provide business’ in the food industry with clear, easy-to-understand, thorough guidelines and strategies for how to ensure the safety of the food they work with at all points of the food supply chain. This is achieved through the implementation of a strong Food Safety Management System (FSMS), which operates on the principle of generating open, supportive communication between employees at the business to ensure that all staff are briefed about the food safety standards that the business needs to reach, what steps need to be taken to achieve them, the responsibilities of individual employees, and what each staff member can do to ensure that the food safety standards are second-to-none, which upholds the reputation of the organisation as an industry leader in food safety, and as a business that customers can safely purchase food from.

An effective Food Safety Management System builds upon the existing strengths of a business

For a business within the food industry to reach a stage where they can sell food on both a wholesale and retail level, it must already have some effective management systems in place. Systems which help them liaise with clients and customers, maximise productivity, ensure the efficiency of operations by minimising downtime, and so on. This is where the core strengths of an effective Food Safety Management System lie, in that it can be implemented within the existing successful operational frameworks of the business structure, as opposed to needing to be implemented from scratch. This ensures that there is minimal downtime through its implementation, that staff are able to work with it in a seamless, hassle-free manner, and that it builds upon the existing systematic strengths of the business by complementing them.

If your business works with food at any stage of its dealings, then it also needs to work with food safety. Effective food safety management is not just about working to mitigate the effects of food contamination and hazard issues after they occur, to ensure they have a minimal effect on operations, but also about taking pro-active, preventative steps to safeguard against these issues from occurring in the first place, and ensuring that if they do occur, they can be dealt with in a rapid, methodical manner.

If you are curious to know how a Food Safety Management System could be implemented within your existing business practices to strengthen their operations, and pro-actively safeguard against potential food threats, and thus give your business the highest chance of not only attracting customers, but maintaining them, then please give Anitech Group’s consultants a call on 1300 802 163. They will be able to talk you through how a Food Safety Management System employs industry certified standards to ensure the safety of your operations, and give customers and clients the confidence that comes with knowing your business is doing everything in its power to ensure the food it works with remains contamination and hazard free.

The kind of peace of mind this instils in customers can get them coming back to your business again and again, choosing to spend their money there, rather than somewhere else. If there was a recipe for this kind of business strategy, wouldn’t you want to get hold of it?

Please click here to learn more about how an effective Food Safety Management System can act as a recipe for success.

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