An ergonomic-friendly office keeps staff safe and maximises productivity.

Blurb: Workplaces have undergone huge changes over the past year, and it is important for employers to provide their staff with COVID-Safe, comfortable work environments. Doing so not only helps the business to achieve regulatory compliance, it also provides staff with a happier work environment, which in turn, maximises productivity. By undergoing a basic ergonomic assessment of your workspace, and then installing COVID-Safe, comfortable ergonomic equipment, your business will demonstrate its commitment to employee safety, by providing staff with a safe, comfortable workspace, which accounts for their physical needs, and ensures that they are met.

The way business’ operate has changed significantly over the past year, and there are now a whole range of new factors that companies need to take into consideration when designing their office set-up. Workstations now need to have adequate physical distancing measures between booths, computers and other office equipment need to be adequately sanitised, while also ensuring there are screen protectors, cubicle dividers, and so on, adequately installed between booths. These steps work to ensure that not only are employees always safe, but that their ability to work to the best of their ability is not compromised. However, business’ can work to ensure both their staff’s work-from-home and office set-ups provide employees with a range of effective tools to perform their duties, by ensuring that they implement appropriate ergonomic equipment, and thus, provide their staff with a safe, user-friendly work environment.

An ergonomic audit ensures that your workplace is accessible and available

Companies looking to provide their staff with appropriate COVID-Safe, ergonomically friendly, workstations would benefit from undergoing a basic ergonomic assessment of their work environment, to ensure that it fulfils several staff and environmental requirements, including:

  • That the business’ office set-up is complying with current workplace COVID regulations, regarding issues such as social distancing, protective equipment, and other steps to help stop the spread.
  • That the physical layout of the workspace is conducive to comfort and productivity. This addresses issues such as providing adequate personal space for employees, that booth dividers are installed to minimise noise, that COVID protection screens are implemented to provide a physical protection barrier between people, and so on.
  • That the physical requirements of all staff are met. Different employees will have a different set of ergonomic requirements that need to be addressed to ensure that they are able to the best of their ability. This includes providing them with adequate seating, ensuring their workstation is comfortable, that there are no overt physical risks in the area, such as cords that could be tripped over, and so on.

Anitech ensures that business’ can sufficiently meet the ergonomic requirements of their staff, and also comply with current workplace legislation, by not only helping business’ undergo an ergonomic assessment of their workplace, but also providing companies with a clear action plan of what ergonomic equipment needs to be installed to ensure that their requirements are sufficiently addressed.

After conducting an ergonomic assessment of your workspace, Anitech can help your business achieve its goals of developing an ergonomically safe work environment, by:

  • Providing your business with COVID-Screen protectors, to ensure that there is a physical, protective barrier between people. By installing screen protectors throughout the workplace, your business will still be able to operate to the best of its ability, in an environment that has proven to be safe for all staff, customers, and onsite visitors.
  • Providing a range of booth and office partitions, to be installed across your workplace. These dividers work at providing physical separators between different areas of the office, which provide employees with a number of benefits, including a sense of personal space, noise reduction, and helping maintain social distancing between staff.
  • Offering a range of different office chairs, to ensure that staff can be seated in one that matches their natural seating position. Doing so ensures that staff feel comfortable throughout their workday, and that the work chairs meet physical requirements regarding appropriate height, ensuring staff are seated correctly, that it is a sufficient distance from the desk and computer, and so on.
  • Offering a wide variety of forearm and wrist support equipment for office staff. This range of equipment works to address the issue of physical discomfort caused by working in the same position for hours on end, which can cause you to adjust to any number of uncomfortable and physically strenuous positions. By providing staff with forearm and wrist supports, they will be able to ensure they effectively maintain their physical wellbeing through adopting a natural, safe, and comfortable position.
  • An assorted array of other ergonomic equipment that can be tailored to the particular needs of your staff and workplace. This includes ergonomic keyboards, footrests, monitor stands, ergonomically safe desks, and telephone headsets.

By installing this COVID-Safe, ergonomically comforting, equipment across your workplace, your business is demonstrating to staff, customers, and regulatory bodies that it takes the issue of staff and visitor safety and comfort seriously. It also shows that it is taking appropriate measures to ensure all staff are provided with safe, comfortable work set-ups and equipment, which allow them to perform their role to the best of their ability.

If you would like to learn more about what kinds of ergonomic equipment could be installed across your business, to ensure that your workspace remains compliant and credible, then please give Anitech’s ergonomic specialists a call today on 1300 802 163. They will be able to discuss with the ways in which different ergonomic equipment stands to benefit employees, and after explaining to them the office environment that your staff work in, they will be able to either arrange for your business to undergo a basic ergonomic assessment, or for your company to install a range of protective ergonomic office equipment, to ensure staff safety and maximise productivity. Doesn’t that sound like a great business strategy to help your company obtain its goals?

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