An Environmental Management System brings demonstrable benefits to businesses.

When developing a business activities plan, what are some important things companies must consider? First off, they need ascertain whether there is a market for their services, and whether it can be delivered in a cost-effective manner. They also need to ensure that their profits are likely to exceed their expenses, otherwise they are operating at a loss, and that they are meeting their applicable regulatory obligations, to avoid non-compliance fines. While these collective goals may seem difficult to achieve, businesses can develop effective strategies for reaching them through the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS). An EMS ensures that businesses are mindful of the potential environmental impact of their operations, while also helping them to reduce costs, and deliver a superior service experience. This article will discuss some of the proven ways an EMS is great for businesses.

ISO 14001 certification helps businesses manage and control risks

The internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards is a Business Management System that helps companies manage and control both their regulated and unregulated environmental risks, and the potential impact their operations may have on the environment. Regulated environmental risks are those that businesses have a legal obligation to meet, and will differ depending on the industry, location, and size of the operations, while unregulated issues that an EMS can work at addressing include minimising office electricity usage, developing power saving strategies across the workplace, and so on.

It has been shown that through ISO 14001 certification, organisations stand to benefit in several proven ways, including:

  • Creating cost-saving strategies: An EMS not only helps businesses develop more environmentally friendly practices, it also helps them reduce their overall expenditure, through the implementation of energy saving practices across their workplace, which are both more efficient and cheaper.
  • Provides a process-based approach to achieving environmental goals: This particular method of working towards goals sees businesses follow straight-forward procedures to identify, manage, and control environmental risks. ISO 14001 certification helps businesses create a clear documentation trail of the steps they have taken to work towards their goals, what risks need to be addressed, what steps have been taken to address them, how often business processes need to be reviewed, and so on. It is a straightforward process that clearly informs organisations about their obligations and areas for improvement, and what steps need to be taken to achieve their goals, removing potential ambiguities.
  • Creating new trading and business growth opportunities: While socially conscious business practices have always been important for businesses, the ongoing pandemic has highlighted just how relevant they are to today’s business marketplace. Many companies are concerned about developing safe, socially conscious business practices, and will not work with other businesses unless they demonstrate the same level of commitment to socially sustainable practices. ISO 14001 certification proves to other companies that your business takes its environmental responsibilities seriously, and is actively working on developing practices that have minimal environmental impact. This kind of reassurance can open trading doors between companies, and help develop new partnerships and growth opportunities.

Our ISO 14001 consulting specialists can answer your questions

This article has briefly discussed some of the main benefits ISO 14001 certification brings to businesses. However, an EMS can also work an increasing employee morale and engagement, simplifying business process, reducing insurance costs, and so on.

Please contact our specialist consultants today by filling out this simple online contact us form, or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a quick, obligation-free consultation about some of the ways an EMS could be tailored to your operations, to ensure it achieves its business goals, demonstrates a commitment to socially sustainable practices, and becomes and stays a competitive industry player. All you need to do is tell our specialist consultants about your operations, including its industry, location, size, and some of the environmental challenges it wants to address, and they will be able to walk you through the implementation process, clearly explaining how it can benefit your business.

Following this, they can arrange for an ISO 14001 consulting specialist to work closely with your company to implement these Standards, ensuring your organisation minimises its environmental impact and gains new growth opportunities. Wouldn’t you like to hear more about that?

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