While QMS change management may sound like a complex activity, it can be implemented in quite simple terms that will help your organisation, manage the change during the phase of getting certified.

How do you make QMS changes?

The change management process identified in the ISO 9001:2015 requirements can be determined as a seven-step process :

  1. Identify the need for change: Organisations must identify the need and areas that needs to be changed in order to facilitate the smooth and easy transition.
  2. Identify the purpose of the change and potential consequences: In order to easy the transition, organisations must clearly understand and outline the purpose of the required change and its potential consequences.
  3. Ensure QMS integrity: The QMS transition plan needs to ensure that new process must be implemented well. All the required procedures and documentation are updated. All team members are trained and well equipped with the required change.
  4. Assign resources: Identify the resources required to put the plan into effect and assign those resources.
  5. Identify and communicate changed responsibilities: With new processes and employees, a need may arise for management to provide important training to the employees.
  6. Carry out the transition plan: Put the plan into place with the updated process, procedures and resources.
  7. Ensure effectiveness of the implementation: Before considering the plan to be completed, it is important to ensure that everything has been covered by checking that all the non confirmations, issues are addressed resolved.

Plans may be more or less complex, but the process of planning should be easy and transparent.

Maintaining your QMS will require you to plan changes effectively and efficiently. “Understanding the process of Managing Systems after Certification”

We can certainly assist you in establishing your organisations’ compliance change.

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