The concept of gaining someone�s trust is a rather draining and tiring task, it is even more arduous when an organisation endeavors to build up brand trust. However once you have acquired the trust of customers, the rewards of your hard labour can be reaped. The same can be applied to a reliable Management system based on ISO9001, ISO14001 orAS4801 / OHSAS18001�the user of the system need to trust that it works to maximise efficiency and productivity. Anitech Consultants are specialist ISO 9001 consultants�and can�show you, the basics of how to establish that trust:

1. Direction

The management system that you implement should have proper direction, in that it reinforces the values and goals that have been set by your company. This direction comes through proper communication within the management team. If there is no proper direction,�the values set by your company may start to unravel. this can cause disorder to take root in the workplace and can lead to confusion and mistrust.

2. Practical�

The first concern that the management team must consider when implementing a management system of any kind is; �can it be understood by everyone within the company�. The language used must be kept simple (KISS = Keep it simple stupid), and orderly so that employees are able to �understand the new concept with ease. The use of acronyms and other Management Jargon��must be limited and if possible non-existent. Using simple terminology can go a long way when practicality is concerned.

3. Stable

The systems must be easily accessed by everyone within the company. It needs to be stable in it�s functionality and it should be readily available to anyone who uses it. Users need to know where to go to be able to access it, if they don�t, then the reasoning behind ever applying a management system in the first place is pointless.

4. Evolving�

Times change and so do people, this can be hard for a business to cope with. However it will be harder for a business if they are stubborn.�As people tend to change and improve themselves as time passes, so must the management systems. Any systems that is stagnant tends to lose its purpose and soon becomes useless. As such business� and their systems must go through a process of constant improvement and change that is in line with the management requirement standards.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it helped you out at least a little bit.

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