A safe workplace is a productive one, and ISO 45001 can help you achieve both goals.

 A safe workplace is a happy workplace, and a happy workplace is a productive workplace. A successful business has a direct link with how safe their workplace is, it is clear that the health and safety of their employees is a top priority. Sometimes the crucial thing that separates an organisation leading the pack, and one trailing behind, is how well they adapt to changes in the operations and alter their business practices to be in line with new Occupational Health and Safety standards.

Applying an effective Occupational Health and Safety framework, from existing industry standards, goes a long way towards solidifying your different business components into a cohesive whole, as it can instil confidence in employees that their health and safety is valued by the company, it works at promoting the intrinsic community values of the business to the wider community, and finally, helps keep business costs down as operational disruptions are dealt with in a cost-effective, timely manner.

The implementation of an efficient Occupational Health & Safety Management System is an effective strategy to help your business achieve the above goals, as it allows you to streamline the business operations in a manner in which the resourceful operational strategies of the business are brought to the fore, and the business strategies that are not as efficient as they could be are subject to scrutiny, and possibly done away with in favour of a more efficient strategy.

Working with a certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System, which utilises practices aligned to OHS Consulting Safe Management System standards, is an effective strategy that allows businesses to consolidate their business strengths by eliminating outdated, inefficient business strategies that prevent the business from operating at maximum efficiency. This is where ISO 45001 standards comes in, as it can help your business achieve these goals in an easy, stress-free manner.

ISO 45001 Standards and what they can offer businesses

ISO45001 standards is a management system that can work with your business to help it achieve its goals of having the highest occupational health and safety standards, which in turn generates goodwill amongst your staff and the wider community. ISO 45001 standards demonstrates its commitment to ensuring businesses achieve their maximum potential, by building upon an existing framework of industry standards, including its alignment with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System). Further, ISO 45001 meets the international standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

The utilisation of ISO 45001 standards helps your business to reach it maximum efficiency by assisting it with the implementation of the highest occupational health and safety practices at worksites, the phasing out of health and safety risks (both physical risks, and online system deficiencies that can slow down business operations), and details of how implementing the highest occupational health and safety standards promotes your business as a supportive environment that people want to work for. Safe, supportive businesses are the ones that survive adverse changing market conditions.

ISO 45001 standards sets out a framework for your business, and offers advice about how it can foster a supportive, safe and healthy environment, which leads to minimised absenteeism and downtime, because a safe, supportive work environment is one that employees enjoy working at.

How implementing ISO 45001 benefits your business

Safety consultants work at identifying potential areas of risk within your business and offer advice and strategies for how to minimise them, while continuing to operate your business at maximum capacity. As a Safety Management System, ISO 45001 incorporates all of the expected features of our Standardised Management Systems, such as improving customer service relations, into the structure of OH&S Consulting, and helps businesses with designing and implementing effective OH&S strategies that will demonstrate to your stakeholders, staff, customers, and the general community that your business makes the health and wellbeing of people in its care a priority.

For example, ISO 45001 looks at how the business can take a pro-active approach to OH&S by identifying potential areas of risk before an incident occurs, and then working at installing safeguards to prevent the incident from ever occurring. This kind of forward thinking promotes a safe, supportive environment to staff, in which they feel personally valued. It also looks at other areas of OH&S management that can help to improve working conditions and develop employee morale.

ISO 45001 standards address the individual particulars of your business, to get a contextual overview of the unique challenges that your business faces. The issues that one business faces are often distinctly different to the challenges that others deal with, and ISO 45001 overcomes this by working to understand the context of your business, and what it is specifically trying to achieve, and offers real-world solutions tailored specifically for it.

Which businesses is ISO 45001 designed for?

ISO 45001 standards look at understanding how the scope of individual business practices shape their dealings with their clients, and that the potential areas of risk that one business faces may not be an issue for certain other businesses, and therefore, understanding the “context” of the business is an important strategy in helping to develop OH&S management systems for it.

Because of the wide-reaching manner in which ISO 45001 standards work at helping organisations, all businesses stand to benefit something from utilising ISO 45001. It doesn’t matter if you are a partnership with just two employees or a national franchise with thousands, as all businesses in Australia utilise some of the same basic principles to attract clients and develop a reputation as a good business to deal with. ISO 45001 helps you introduce the same methodical, studious approach to the health and safety management within your office, that you would bring to other areas of your business dealings, such as client meetings.

Benefits of ISO45001 for small business

How safeguarding your business interests strengthens your organisation.

ISO 45001 is integrated to fit within other industry standards

ISO 45001 complies to a High Level Structure (HLS) approach, that was developed with other industry standards in mind, to ensure that its content meets both national and international standards, including OHSAS 18001, and the International Labour Organisation’s ILO-OSH Guidelines. What this means for ISO 45001 users is that they are guaranteed a Safety Management System experience that has been thoroughly trialled and fault tested, to ensure it works to its optimum capabilities, with no areas of confusion or hassle. It also makes it really easy to migrate to it from an existing OH&S management system standard, by employing the same basic management system.

Contact us for more information

If what you have read today has made you want to find out more, and discuss ISO 45001 with an experienced professional then Anitech Group are here to help. Please contact Anitech Group’s safety consultants on 1300 802 163, to discuss implementing ISO 45001 standards at your business and the specifics of your business requirements. We are able to provide you with a consultation that will discuss ISO 45001 in relation to your business needs, and how it can be tailored to ensure your business runs at maximum efficiency.

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