Hackers. Spyware. Phishing. It seems like we hear about potential information security threats to business’ on a daily basis. Hackers are constantly trying to find their way into client databases and access confidential information, and even if a business tries implementing a safeguard to protect against it, a smart hacker will just find a workaround for it. That is what hackers are known for.

All business’ have confidential information they need to protect, and the simple act of doing so means that they need to safeguard themselves from potential information security risks, in the form of both digital and physical threats, including spoof emails, viruses, accessing stolen property and confidential information stored insecurely. But sometimes even working out what risks there are, and what measures need to be implemented to protect your operations from them, can seem like an overwhelming task. That is why the peak manufacturing industry group SEMMA is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, the 5th of November, on how to protect the information security of your business.

An Industry Leader will give you the low-down on high-risks

It will be hosted by an industry leader in the information security management sector and aims to provide business’ with an introduction into the fundamental principles of information security management. It will provide an overview of the real-world information security risks your business faces daily, such as hacking, password management and secure email practices, and how the application of the information security practices found within the internationally certified ISO 27001 standard can safeguard your organisation from these potential threats, thus upholding its reputation and good-standing within the community.

It aims to present this information to people in simple, jargon-free language, by discussing information security threats through real-world case studies and examples of business’ that have dealt with such issues, and what steps they took to mitigate harm on their operations. Hosted in two parts; the first part will be a lecture from an industry leader, who will explain how information security risks target your business in specific ways, and how strategic safeguarding can counter them effectively. A Q and A session will follow this discussion, in which you will be able to ask specific information security questions related to your own business practices, and they will be addressed through an Information Security Management System (ISMS) framework.

After the webinar has finished, you will be able to conduct a short risk assessment of your business, by filling out a brief online survey, which will diagnose the potential weak spots of your business, and give you the contact detail of Anitech Group’s security systems consultants, who will be able to explain the risk factors to you in more detail, and discuss how your business could benefit from the implementation of an ISMS.

Due to ensuring that all participants get the opportunity to speak during the Q and A session, attendance at this webinar is limited. To secure a place, please visit the SEMMA website, and book online. Business’ that change with market trends in order to keep their practices up-to-date and relevant are the ones that have the best chance of thriving in a competitive market.

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