The ISO 45001 Standards work at increasing trust in your business’ name and practices.

In today’s competitive marketplace perception counts for so much. People rely on so many different factors, including word of mouth, internet reviews, and media reports, when deciding whether to do business with an organisation. What this means for business’ is that to broaden their appeal to potential customers they need to demonstrate value, that is, to show them that they are a worthwhile company to conduct dealings with. Business’ have a number of different strategies to go about achieving this goal, but it often comes down to public perception. People want to feel that the organisation they are dealing with is above board in their business conduct and treats their staff fairly and ethically. People will be more likely to become customers of a business that is seen to conduct itself in this respectable manner, as they will have an assurance that their dealings with the company will be conducted in a safe, supportive manner.

That is why it is important for business’ to implement an effective Occupational Health and Safety system, which analyses potential risk factors at the business, and works at mitigating their effects on operations. By utilising a standard which is specifically designed to ensure that all staff, clients, customers, and members of the general public who deal with the organisation will be safe throughout their dealings, and that there are safeguards and protective measures in place to ensure that no physical or mental harm will come to them while dealing with the business, the company works at strengthening its reputation, as people see that your organisation takes the health and safety of everyone on its site as seriously as possible.

The International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety standards are designed to give employers the confidence in knowing that all potential risk factors at their business have been catalogued, that preventative measures have been implemented to mitigate their effects on operations, and that a clear, systematic process has been put in place, so that in the event of any potential health and safety issues arising in the future, there is a clear, methodical procedure outlined of what staff are to do. By utilising this internationally certified Occupational Health and Safety standard, your organisation is demonstrating its commitment to industry regulations, that it is willing to take the necessary steps to comply with local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and laws, and that it takes the issue of maintaining the health and safety of everyone on its premises very seriously.

The OH&S standards increase confidence, and builds trust in your business’ name

By being open and transparent about your business’ compliance with the ISO 45001 Standards, your organisation is demonstrating that it is continuously working towards improving the quality of work life for staff, in regard to their health and safety, morale, and employee performance. This shows that your company is willing to take on the responsibility of providing for their staff’s welfare. This can go a long way towards improving the public perception of your organisation. By having open and honest communication about how you implemented these standards, identified potential risk factors, and took active steps to prevent them from significantly impacting the wellbeing of staff you are actively showing the wider community that your organisation is a safe, reputable company to conduct dealings with, which helps endear goodwill amongst staff, clients, and the general public.

All business’ stand to benefit something from the implementation of strong OH&S standards, and regardless of the scope or size of your operations, these standards could, in some way, help your organisation achieve its larger business goals. If you want specific examples of the ways in which these standards could benefit your operations, and how they could be tailored to the specific requirements of your company, then please give Anitech Group’s consultants a call on 1300 802 163. Any questions you have about these standards will be answered, and they will be able to offer suggestions and guidance about the ways in which your business could benefit from their implementation. Wouldn’t you say this kind of commitment to occupational health and safety is something you want people to know about your business?

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