Why do Certification companies like acronyms and numbers?
What do the acronyms OHSAS / OH&S / WHS AS actually mean?
And why the numbers?

As a savvy business owner you must already be aware or know about ISO 9001 certification. BUT just when you think you have a handle on the certification there are additional names and numbers that you have to research and try to understand.
As with any problem that needs solving You first understand the problem, then you asses how you or your business will be affected and then you look for solutions to the problem.
To save you time and make the process of getting Safety systems certified easier Anitech Consulting would like to clarify the acronyms and numbers.
OHSAS stand for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS), OH&S stands for Occupational Health and Safety, AS standards for Australian Standard OHSMS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Management systems and WHS stands for Workplace Health and Safety.
OHSAS 18001 was developed to help businesses, such as yours, control health and safety risks in your business environment. This safeguards You and Your employees and ensures they do not get injured on the job under your watch.
*Hot TIP  Why is it important your employees are safe on the job? Well is it good for your business!
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is a general term which is commonly used to refer to the practice of a safe workplace. A workplace where the necessary processes are in place to avoid health issues or on the job accidents.
WHS MS refers to Work Health & Safety Management systems which refer to the programs that business need to implement to ensure effective risk management, compliance with legislative requirements and improved corporate governance.
In summary these Safety Standards are all in place to ensure your business is a safe working environment. Safety Consultants at Anitech Consulting are specialists at advising and assisting businesses with systems to meet the requirements of OHSAS18001 / AS4801.
This means that your employees can be productive without stopping due to workplace accidents, your employees can enjoy their work safe in the knowledge that they are not at risk on the job and your business will not face unnecessary financial penalties due to work place injury claims.
As a reputed and experienced OHSAS 18001 / AS4801 consulting company: Anitech Consulting will ensure you comply with the appropriate requirements and laws to effectively put into practice measures to safeguard the well-being of your employees.
We recommend you call the Health and Safety Consultants at Anitech Consulting today. We are available and always willing to guide you through the OHSAS 18001 process and work with you to make sure that all your questions and implementation process are answered.
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