The ideal purpose of a ISO 9001 Quality management system (QMS) is to push your company towards achieving the set strategic goals. However this does not mean that there has be a load of paper work and procedures. In this article we will highlight a few point to assist you in streamlining your Quality management system.

Recognise employee suggestions

Involvement of employees is one of the principles of ISO 9001. Recognizing and involving employees in discussions allows for an influx of ideas. If any of these ideas are applied it is important to publicly recognise the individual, this also allows workers to be contempt and satisfied.

Streamline QMS documentation

It is a basic ISO 9001 requirement to document procedures used in your system however it is not a requirement for you to write extensive procedures . The document needs to be written in a way that is easy to understand by creating processes that are accessible to employees. this can be done in several ways such as using flowcharts or check list.

Management review meetings

The purpose of holding management review meetings is to monitor and correct the quality management system and how effective it has been in achieving strategic objectives. If any issues are identified, the team must act quickly in order to correct the issues. These meetings should be held routinely in order to review the performance of the ISO 9001 Quality Management systems and improve performance.

Effective use of the team

If and when a issue does arise it is important to deal with it quickly and take corrective action. This, however is not effective when the steps taken to correct the issues are done by one person. It is wise to employ the affected team to brainstorm what may have caused this problem and what they would do in order to fix it. This method should drastically cut down the time it takes to come up with corrective plans when done in a group setting rather than by yourself.

Last but not least show some form of gratitude to the people involved and say thank you. a simple sign of gratitude is an excellent way to increase team morale.

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