Certification to a Quality Management System helps companies achieve their operational goals.

A truth in business is that you must spend money to make money. Successful companies will have invested funds into a range of different areas, including marketing, promotions, business development, business management, information security strategies, and so on. This is because successful organisations are founded upon effective operational strategies that help them to deliver an effective customer service experience in a cost-effective manner. To achieve this goal, companies must spend money developing their operations, promoting it, distinguishing it from its competitors, and other strategies that demonstrate to the public that they are a great company to deal with. Through the implementation of a certified Quality Management System (QMS), organisations will be in an effective position to achieve these goals, while also working towards minimising expenditure and maximising profits. A QMS helps business’ develop proven successful strategies for achieving their goals, making the cost for ISO 9001 certification a great investment.

ISO 9001 certification help business’ develop successful operational strategies

If you were asked why people or business’ purchase things, how would you respond? When you break it down, people make purchases because they have some kind of ‘problem’ that they believe the purchase will help them address. For example, if you want to be able to easily communicate with your friends and family, and surf the internet on the go, then you would consider purchasing a smartphone, as it offers an effective ‘solution’ to the above problems. If you were feeling hungry, you would purchase some food you like, as it also offers a ‘solution’ to your hunger. In short, people make purchases to help them achieve solutions to issues they face, no matter how big or small.

The same principal applies to business’, as certifying to an internationally recognised Business Management System will help them achieve a range of operational goals, including meeting their compliance obligations, improving their customer service delivery, minimising costs, and developing a smoother operation. The International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 9001 QMS Standards helps companies run their operations in a straight-forward, effective manner, by working to eliminate inefficiencies and enhance the business’ service delivery. Certifying to these standards is an investment into effective business practices, and works at demonstrating to existing and potential customers, stakeholders, and compliance bodies that your organisation is committed to effective business practices.

It is clear that the ISO 9001 Standards bring countless benefits to organisations and help them  develop effective strategies to work towards achieving their goals. So, rather than focusing on the cost for ISO 9001 certification, business’ should focus on the range of benefits that certification will bring to their operations, including:

  • Helping the business to develop more effective management processes. Through ISO 9001 certification, companies can develop proven successful management processes, and eliminate inefficient procedures. Over time this helps organisations to increase their profits through overhauling convoluted processes, and developing a superior overall operation.
  • Increasing staff engagement and productivity. These Standards help companies develop efficient quality control processes for maintaining employee engagement. This is achieved through straight-forward, effective strategies such as the development of a transparent work environment where it is clearly explained to staff what is expected of them, having clear reporting procedures in place, and a supportive work culture, which is conducive to productivity.
  • Overhauling inefficient processes to ensure the operations is operating to the best of its ability. The ISO 9001 Standards help companies minimise unproductive, wasteful work processes and, in lieu, develop more efficient procedures. This not only helps business’ run more effectively, it can also result in increased customer satisfaction and engagement, and customers returning to your business.

So, for all companies considering implementing a QMS, remember that it is an investment in quality, and rather than focusing on the cost for ISO 9001 certification, it is more worthwhile to concentrate on the benefits certification can bring to their operations. From quicker turnaround times, increased staff and customer engagement, reduced costs and maximised profits, certification is something that all business’ should consider.

Contact our QMS specialists for an obligation-free consultation

If reading this article has left you wanting to find out more about the specifics of the ISO 9001 Standards, and the benefits they can bring to your business, then please contact our specialist consultants today by email at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163 for an obligation-free short consultation. Tell them about your organisation, including its size, scope, industry, and some of the operational challenges it is facing, and they will be able to discuss with you how these Standards could be implemented across your company, to help it achieve its goals. Doesn’t that sound like a great investment for your business?

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