Comfortable, happy workers are more likely to perform better and avoid sustaining work related injuries. Small changes in the workstation set up, tasks performed and breaks, can make a huge difference to a worker’s long term health.

Anitech’s Ergonomic Assessments and Training Programs are designed to educate workers in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney,  and throughout Australia, on correct ergonomic principles and correct set up of work stations, tasks thereby minimising the risk of injury, facilitating healthy workplace and enhancing productivity and performance.

Ergonomic assessment conducted in your workplace can:

  • Assist workers in adopting correct postures and safe body mechanics; significantly decreasing risk of injury
  • Improving an individual’s comfort, increasing productivity
  • Provide education for workers regarding the importance of taking appropriate breaks

Basic Ergonomic Assessment

A basic Ergonomic Assessment is designed to assess workers environment to ensure they are correctly set up to maximising their comfort within the workplace. The assessments focus is to prevent injury, minimising the risk of an individual’s ergonomic setup causing an injury, ache and/or pain.

Our Consultants are able to provide customised solutions to meet your organisations specific needs. Call, Email or contact us today.

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