What is the ISO 9001 Quality Management System? Quite simply, it’s a technical certification that lets your business’s customers, vendors, shareholders, and others know that your organization always meets the highest standards that are outlined by this globally recognized measure.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System is the universal, widely accepted standard that guarantees processes that are consistent and dependable. When your business is certified in ISO 9001, it can be trusted to operate in a systematic and disciplined way.

ISO QMS standards can be used by businesses of any size, from small storefront operations to online businesses to multinational conglomerates. In short, any business, industry or company that wants to make their internal management and operational processes more efficient and trustworthy can get ISO 9001 QMS certification to attract more customers.

Top Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

How can ISO 9001 QMS certification get you more customers? When you get this globally recognized certification, you can be assured of having better customer satisfaction. Your clients will trust you more because they know what they are getting. Plus, it can lead to more repeat business and referrals from existing customers.

Another huge benefit is more profits and a bigger market share. This is due to your organization being more responsive and adaptable to your industry. You also can streamline and align internal operations so that you can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and achieve better results.

Reducing costs, improving overall business performance, and financial benefits also can be achieved when you get ISO 9001 certification. New customers will also be more likely to trust your business, as well as regulatory agencies or businesses seeking to merge or acquire your business.

Increased Credibility and Competitiveness

Businesses that have ISO 9001 certification are more likely to have improved consistency in the way their products or services are delivered to their customers. Plus, you also usually can reduce your costs and decrease your cycle times by improving efficiencies and using your resources more effectively.

Other benefits include better communication, more comprehensive planning and streamlined administrative processes, all of which can improve your credibility and make you more competitive within your industry.

How to Implement ISO 9001?

Usually, the best way to implement ISO 9001 QMS is to bring in an outside consultant to oversee its implementation. Most companies don’t have the expertise or experience in QMS processes, so the time and effort they spend getting an in-house person or team up to speed is usually going to be a lot higher than the expense of hiring a consultant.

An experienced consultant also has been through the process of implementing ISO 9001 QMS before, so they will be quicker to spot what needs to be done within your organization so you can achieve certification faster and more productively.

This helps you get to your goal of being certified faster. It’s also sometimes helpful to have an outside person look at your organization with a fresh set of eyes so your company can meet specific goals –such as improving customer satisfaction or streamlining operations – more quickly.

That’s not to say you can’t try to achieve ISO 9001 QMS certification on your own. Many companies do. It just tends to take a lot longer, the expense is often much higher, and the efficiencies aren’t as great.

Regardless of how you do it, getting ISO 9001 certification is something just about every company that deals with customers, vendors, regulatory agencies and other entities should consider doing. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from adopting many of the QMS processes.

Not only can they save you time and money, but they can cut costs, improve your business’s relationships with your customers, and make your business more efficient.

Your Customers Want You to Have ISO 9001 Certification

One of the most important reasons to get ISO 9001 QMS certification is that your customers want your company to have it – even if they don’t realize it now. That’s because this certification will improve the way you deliver your products and services to your customers across the board. It also will help you reduce your delivery times and make your company more reliable.

Companies with ISO certification also have the “get it right the first time” attitude that most customers have come to expect. There also are fewer returned products, less complaints, and not as many unhappy customers.

So from where you sit right now, there are many reasons to get ISO 9001 QMS certification. And the most efficient way to get it is by hiring an experienced outside consultant who can give you what you want and bring your organization where it needs to go more quickly and more affordably than you could do on your own.

Having ISO9001 consultants from a experienced provider can make a business more respected and trusted by its customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

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