Further the service of your organisation through a Food Safety Management System.

One of the potential threats business’ in the food industry face is that of the unexpected. A business can work at safeguarding against potential on-site food contamination threats and hazards by ensuring their workspace meets industry standards, that all potential hazard areas are catalogued and mitigated, and that staff are well-trained on what to do in the event of a food contamination incident, and yet still have their business practices harmed, and their overall reputation potentially threatened, by unexpected factors outside of their control. Factors such as potential food contaminations from further down the food supply chain that directly impact their operations are areas that business’ need to account for when working to ensure the safety of their food processes across all stages of the food supply chain.

In the modern business world, perception accounts for a lot. Even if a business in the food industry is not directly responsible for the potential food contamination, as it came from further down the food supply chain, potential customers may still have their opinion of the organisation negatively influenced by the situation, and be reluctant to do business with them in the future. That is why it is vital for business’ in the food industry to have an effective Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in place, as it works at furthering service through the mitigation of situations.  

The internationally certified Food Safety standards of ISO 22000 specifically build upon the quality management standards of ISO 9001, in order to provide business’ in the food industry with a globally recognised food safety standard, which addresses a myriad of potential food contamination and hazard threats that could undermine your business’ ability to operate in an effective manner, and provides your organisation with a clear, easy to follow, set of guidelines regarding what business’ can do to mitigate these issues, ensure the continuity of their operations, and uphold their good-standing relationship with customers and stakeholders.

These international food safety standards require organisations to take a hands-on, active approach to food safety within your business, by:

  • Ensuring that business management implements an effective food safety management system across their entire operations. This system needs to address potential hazard spots across their worksites, work at mitigating their effect on operations, and ensure that this system continues to operate at optimum capacity, thus ensuring that the food the business works with is safe at across all points of the food supply chain.
  • Providing evidence of their commitment to high food safety standards, in the form of industry compliance with international, federal and local regulatory and legal food safety requirements. Compliance with these standards demonstrates that your organisation is dedicated to meeting the highest regulatory standards and is pro-active in its efforts to achieve these goals. Further,  in meeting these standards, your organisation has the opportunity to expand their business ventures to a larger scope, as your demonstrably commitment to food safety standards proves to organisations across the globe that you have high safety standards, and are safe to conduct dealings with.
  • Ensuring that there is open communication between stakeholders and vested parties about what steps the business is taking to ensure the high safety standards of the food it works with, and to understand the specific requirements and concerns that relevant parties may have. These concerns can then be specifically addressed through an explanation of how the Food Safety Management System that has been implemented addresses these safety concerns through systematic methods, to guarantee the safety of the food the organisation works with across all aspects of the food supply chain, including its manufacture, preparation and transportation.

As with grocery shopping, knowing in advance what you want makes your goals easier to achieve

When doing a weekly grocery shop it can be beneficial to bring a grocery list, as it ensures you do not forget anything, helps you narrow down your selections, and brings a degree of methodology to what might otherwise be a random task. The same thing applies to the implementation of a Food Safety Management System. By knowing in advance the food safety goals that your business seeks to achieve, and the ways in which this system can help it realise these goals, you are maximising your business’ chances of reaching its food safety targets, and upholding stakeholder confidence.

Not only does an effective Food Safety Management System analyse the specific context of your business requirements and identify and mitigate potential food hazard areas, it introduces a methodical, systematic approach to food safety, in which your business’ practices are constantly being monitored to ensure that they are meeting industry requirements. This acts as a form of brand protection for your organisation, as the mitigation of potential risks works at upholding its reputation. This can also work at giving your organisation an edge over competitors in the industry, through enhancing its reputation, through the demonstration of the highest commitment to food safety ideals, which shows both potential stakeholders and customers that you are a safe, reputable organisation to conduct dealings with.

When it comes to food preparation, you need to invest in certain things now to work towards a positive outcome later. You need to have appropriate kitchen utensils, a hazard-free workspace and safe ingredients, all individual components that work together to ensure that the food you prepare is safe, hazard-free, and tasty. This principle also applies with food safety standards, as by taking pro-active steps now to implement an effective Food Safety Management System, your organisation is working towards safeguarding its success and reputation, by ensuring that it meets, and upholds, the highest food safety standards.

If you would like to know more about how an effective Food Safety Management System could be tailored to the specifics of your operations, then please give Anitech Group’s consultants a call on 1300 802 163. They will be able to discuss with you the particular requirements of your business, the ways in which it stands to benefit, and how a Food Safety Management System could be implemented in a systematic, hassle-free manner. Regardless of whether your business is seeking to completely overhaul its existing food safety systems, or merely strengthen them and identify weak points, your business stands to benefit something through the implementation of an effective Food Safety Management System. Wouldn’t you say this is a recipe for success worth looking into?

For more information about the benefits an effective Food Safety Management System Consultants can bring to your business, please click here, for a short overview of how preparation is a key ingredient in the recipe for success.

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