A noise compliant workplace sends a loud message about worksite safety.

In today’s busy workplaces there can often be a milieu of noise everywhere, ranging from general office chatter, to the pinging and ringing of mobile phones, computers beeping, music on the radio, and so on. While some degree of noise is acceptable for a happy, productive office environment, dangers can come into place when office and worksite noise reach unacceptable levels, which impact the ability of staff to conduct their duties in a productive environment, with minimal distractions.

While employers may acknowledge this as an area of concern, designing an effective action plan to ensure that noise levels are industry compliant can seem like a challenge, as they have to address a range of concerns, including what kinds of noises staff may be exposed to, potential risk factors of individual noises, and how to work at mitigating these issues in a manner that least disrupts business operations. This is why it is beneficial for business’ to look at completing industry certified workplace noise testing to ensure that their organisation is complying with local laws and regulations regarding hazardous occupational noise levels, that their staff are able to work in an onsite environment free from noise hazards, and that they are not potentially overlooking any areas of noise risks that might not be immediately apparent to them.

Noise assessments work at Neutralising Obstructive Intense Sounds Easily

It can sometimes seem like adequate noise compliance is a lot like dangerous noise levels themselves; it can be distracting and prevent you from giving your actual duties your undivided attention. That is why Anitech Group wants to help business’ in simplifying the ways in which they get a handle on this issue, and this is achieved through a four-step approach:

  • Onsite noise testing: As part of Anitech Group’s commitment to helping business’ achieve industry standard noise compliance, we will travel to your worksites and conduct noise assessments on your staff. This will work at identifying potential noise risk areas, which are then reported on, so a plan can be designed to work at mitigating them, thus ensuring that staff are able to work in a site which is safeguarded against dangerous noise levels.
  • A catalogued report of our findings: Anitech provides a detailed report of their noise assessment findings at your worksite, with clear indications of potential noise risk factors, how they could impact staff productivity, and what needs to be done to mitigate this potential situation.
  • An overview of the legal requirements of your business: To help maximise the success of your business, and maintain staff and client confidence, business’ will be provided with information detailing the specific steps they need to take to ensure that they are complying with their local laws, rules and regulations regarding noise compliance. It is vital that organisations’ keep up to date with local laws regarding noise compliance, to ensure that their business continues to remain a safe workplace, and that customers and staff are ensured of their safety whilst onsite.
  • An overview of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) your business requires: As part of Anitech Group’s commitment to ensuring noise compliant workplaces, Anitech has partnerships with several manufacturers and providers of PPE, and can work at providing your business with the PPE it requires, or putting you in touch with the relevant parties able to do so. Anitech Group is able to conduct a thorough PPE audit of your work premises, to identify the scope of the existing PPE available, what additional equipment needs to be implemented, and how to do so in a quick, secure manner.

Safe noise levels across your worksites sends a clear message

Lots of background noise, dangerously loud noise levels and a general ruckus can make it difficult for people to focus their concentration on specific tasks. For business’, this loss of concentration can lead to mistakes, jobs done inadequately, and a general decrease in productivity. This can have a significantly detrimental effect on a business’ ability to maintain stakeholder confidence and employee morale, attract new customers, and uphold their reputation.

To ensure that your business sends a clear message that it takes its commitment to noise regulations seriously, get in touch with Anitech Group’s noise consultants today on 1300 889 289. They will be able to address the noise risk factors that your business faces through a specific context, and provide you with a clear action plan about what steps need to be taken to ensure that your operations achieves industry noise compliance, and maintains it. Isn’t this pro-active approach the sort of message you want staff and clients to hear about your business?

Please click here if you would like to find out more about how worksite noise testing safeguards your business.

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