Anitech will be hosting a webinar in April, on effective digital transformation practices for SME’s.

Blurb: Effective, efficient work practices are a huge concern for business’ right now, and yet many companies are still conducting a significant portion of their work in outdated, traditional ways, which can expose the operations to unnecessary risks. By undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation of their existing practices, business’ not only work at making their processes more efficient, but they also demonstrate a commitment to delivering a safe, superior customer service experience. This, in turn, helps distinguish the organisation in a competitive marketplace.

Over the past year there has been significant concern and increased awareness amongst business’, regulatory agencies, and the general public about the importance of business’ implementing effective WHS practices, that take full advantage of innovative technology solutions. For example, the pandemic has seen business’ across Australia completely redefine how they operate, and make use of new technology to reduce the number of transaction contact points, demonstrate a commitment to socially sustainable practices, and, ultimately, streamline their business processes through the minimisation of their physical paper trail. However, many organisations are still confused about the scope of digital transformation methods available to their operations, what benefits one method has over another, and so on.

To help business’ get a better understanding of the specific benefits a digital transformation of all their processes can bring, why conducting a comprehensive digital transformation audit of existing processes is a good idea, and how they can go about effectively and compliantly transforming their operations, on Wednesday April 14, at 2pm, Anitech will be hosting an informative webinar on this topic. Titled What is Digital transformation? An insight into practices for SME’s, the webinar will discuss how a comprehensive digital transformation of business processes demonstrates a commitment to socially sustainable practices, reduces the number of necessary contact points in transactions, and, in general, helps develop a more efficient, effective, COVID-Safe work environment.

It will be hosted by Anita Patturajan, director of Anitech, and she will offer practical insight and information into some of the following areas:

  • How a comprehensive digital overhaul of a business’ existing practices works at saving the business time, and maximising profits. By fully utilising effective digital platforms to conduct their work, business’ will be able to deliver quicker and easier transactions between clients.
  • How business’ can take full advantage of online platforms to conduct a significant portion of their work, that was previously done in-person. For example, by meeting with clients over video chats and getting customers to digitally fill out their paperwork and thus not being required to come into the office, business’ are not only working to streamline their operations, they are also providing an enhanced customer experience, which is significantly easier and faster than it used to be.
  • How a comprehensive digital transformation of existing practices can create safer, more supportive, work environments. This includes ensuring the creation of a participatory culture, in which staff utilise technology solutions to perform their role in a safe environment, the elimination of inefficient, potentially unsafe work practices, such as long in-person meetings, paperwork that is physically shared amongst employees, and so on.

A Digital Transformation of your business Detects Threats

The webinar will be an informative, hour-long session, which will initially discuss a range of risks that business’ are facing, before going on to explain how an effective digital transformation of the companies practices can all-but completely eliminate these threats, significantly improve the efficiency of the operations, and overall, develop a safer, more productive work environment.

It will be hosted via Zoom on Wednesday, the fourteenth of April, at 2pm Victorian time, so please keep following Anitech on social media, so you can reserve your place.

Further, as per our previous webinars, there will be a ten-minute Q&A session at the end of the webinar, in which attendees will be able to ask the speakers questions about this issue, such as how a digital transformation could be effectively applied to their organisation, what challenges business’ may face when undergoing one, how to arrange for an external digital transformation audit of their operations, and so on.

It will be an informative, interesting session. However, if you would like to get a head-start on learning about how an effective digital transformation of your business’ practices could benefit the operations in a number of ways, then please give Anitech’s specialist consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. Give them a rundown of your operations, the kinds of practices it utilises and some of the challenges it faces, and they will be able to explain to you how a digital transformation could be applied across your entire operations to ensure it both streamlines and strengthens its operations. Wouldn’t you say that sounds like a great proposition for your organisation?

Please click here to read more about how a comprehensive digital transformation of your business’ processes can strengthen the entire operations and help it more easily achieve its business objectives.

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