The 2021 National Municipal Works And Engineering Conference was an engaging two days, filled with networking opportunities.

Anitech loves attending trade shows and conferences, as it gives our consultants the chance to meet other business’ in similar industries, provides invaluable networking opportunities, and provides Anitech with the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of organisations, and clearly demonstrate the benefits they stand to gain by implementing a certified business management system. So, of course we took full advantage of the chance to attend the 27th National Municipal Works and Engineering Conference, held at Bendigo’s Prince of Wales Showgrounds, from the 11th to 12th of March this year.

It is an annual trade show designed to support both individuals and organisations that operate in the municipal works and services industry. Members of councils from across Victoria were invited to attend this event, which had approximately 40 booths from city councils and relevant business’, aimed at raising awareness of the individual councils, and what services the business’ offered. It was a fast-paced, exciting two days for the Anitech team who attended, as they got the opportunity to meet and greet other business’, attend a talk from keynote speaker Jeff Kennett, the former Premier of Victoria, and demonstrate to interested parties the many benefits councils and business’ stand to gain by implementing a certified Business Management System, such as improving their chances of winning tenders, and providing better service to citizens of the local community.

How business’ can successfully respond to disruption and change

The theme of this years Municipal Works conference was ‘responding to disruption and change’. The conference recognised that municipal workers are constantly experiencing disruption and change as they go about their work duties, and it aimed to highlight some of the disruptive challenges currently facing municipal workers, while highlighting their coping abilities, through discussing their perseverance, persistence, and never-give-in attitude.

Many big-name business’ attended this conference, including the global manufacturing and earthmoving company Komatsu, who were the major sponsor of the event, in addition to Delnorth, SVC Products, Fulton Hogan, ESP Australia, and many more. It was a pleasure for Anitech’s team to meet various council members, and we decided that we would like to take advantage of this auspicious event by offering free audiometric testings on the day, as well as having prize give-aways, including free ergonomic mouses, and our main prize, a bottle of whiskey, was awarded to a member of the Loddon Council.

What Anitech enjoyed about the day

Anitech brought a small team of four staff to the trade show – Isaac, Anitech’s lead auditor, Anthony, an audiometric specialist, Laila, a sales and marketing specialist, and Ken, a sales guru who has been instrumental in increasing awareness about Anitech’s services to the wider business community.

The team was thrilled to attend this conference, and use it as an opportunity to increase Anitech’s overall awareness, discuss with business owners the scope of Anitech’s services, and outline how Anitech’s specialist consultants can help them in achieving their wider business objectives.

If they want to work for councils and other tenders and government then they need to comply with requirements such as having ISO systems” – Laila.

Laila said that one of the most rewarding things about attending this event was chatting to council members, getting to know them, and discussing the kind of work duties they perform. Laila said this conference provided a great opportunity to raise awareness about attaining regulatory compliance in several business areas, and how this is a must for both working for councils and applying for tenders, as certification to an internationally recognised Business Management System acts as a seal of quality for your overall operations.

Anitech was delighted to attend this conference, and raise awareness about the importance of regulatory compliance. If you were unable to attend the trade show but would still like to know how achieving regulatory compliance could also help streamline your business’ operations and uphold your overall reputation, then please give Anitech’s specialist consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. All you need to do is tell them about your operations, the type of work it performs, and the challenges it is facing, and they will be able to discuss with you the ways in which an internationally recognised Business Management System could help it achieve its overall organisational objectives. Doesn’t that sound like something worth having a conference about?

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