Requirements of management review clause 9.3, may be better understood in the context of leadership process defined in clause 5.1.It is an extremely significant process for the successful certification of your QMS and an important enabler for sustainable improvement. Management review of the Quality Management System can bring together all the important processes of your system and help strengthen the weak links. Through the effective review process the top management can display its involvement and commitment and unstinted support for improving the system.

Clause 9.3.1 stipulates that the management review must take place at planned interval.

ISO 9001 certification

Review inputs

Input requirements for management review have been stated in clause 9.3.2.

To establish continuity and integrity of the review process the progress of action taken on previous reviews is revisited.

Based on clause 4.1, internal and external issues affecting the organization as well as relevant to QMS are reviewed.

Internal audit results and actions are evaluated and reviewed.

Trends in feedback from interested parties like vendors and trends in customer satisfaction are evaluated.

Fulfilment of quality objectives (6.2.1) and actions needed are determined.

Process performance based on monitoring and measurement, causes of nonconformities and corrective actions taken are revisited.

Requirement and adequacy of resources such as manpower are reviewed.

Other improvement opportunities are also reviewed

Based on the inputs received, management is required to review, discuss and determine

Effectiveness, adequacy and suitability of the QMS. Its alignment to the strategic direction of the company organization should also review. Measures to make QMS more effective, adequate, relevant and aligned to strategic direction can be determined.

Outputs of review

Management review outputs must necessarily include top level actions and decisions taken relating to:

  1. resource requirements
  2. improvement opportunities
  3. adequacy of QMS and changes required

Documented info (record) to be retained

Results of management reviews must be retained as evidence of compliance to requirements.

Critical aspects of management review for ISO 9001 certification audit

ISO 9001 certification auditors would like to verify whether new requirements of 2015 version of ISO 9001 have been understood and addressed correctly. Alignment of quality management system (QMS) to strategic direction of the company (based on changes in the business environment or the expectations of customers, vendors, end users or other interested parties, or due to changes in competitor strategies) may be critically audited. ISO 9001 consultants will be able to guide the organization on how to align QMS to the changes in strategic direction of the company. Other important point for auditors could be the actions needed to address the risks and opportunities.

Top management will be audited for leadership process as per clause 5.1.1 along with management review clause 9.3. Top management is responsible for following planned actions:

  • taking direct  accountability of the success and effectiveness of the QMS;
  • ensuring compatibility  of  quality objectives  with strategic direction  of the company;
  • ensuring alignment and  the integration of the QMS requirements into the company’s business processes;
  • creating awareness  of the need  to follow process approach in formulating and implementing  QMS;
  • promoting  risk based thinking);
  • providing support  and  the resources  such as critical manpower required  for the QMS;
  • Strengthening communication including strategic (external) communication,
  • Promoting improvement oriented thinking,
  • Engaging actively  with  people and teams, motivating and supporting persons and teams involved in improving  effectiveness of the QMS;

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