There are two important factors that apply the greatest pressure on the management team; technology and people. These two factors are not consistent�and are subject to constant change. Here we will offer you with a few management tips�to aid you in handling and maintaining the fluidity of these two factors.


1. Understand the skills of your employees

Each and every worker under your care�has a wide variety of backgrounds and skills �they�rely on to get the job done. Understanding these skill will allow the management team to appropriately assign and delegate tasks to workers. This ensures that the worker is kept contempt that there skills have been recognised leading to a higher quality of work output and also increases the employees job satisfaction.

2.�Assessing ICT skills

Creating a development plan requires the management team to analyse the ICT skills of the organisation as these skills are critical in formalising a plan. If there are gaps found within the organisation, the management team needs to assess if it can be fixed internally. If it can�t be mended internally then external recruitment can be considered.

3. Deciding what is needed

Technological changes come about everyday and it is crucial for organisations to stay on top of these changes. This can be done by constantly researching new breakthroughs in technology and discerning whether or not it is needed for your company at the moment. Even if technology does change everyday, it may not be as useful for you to implement it the very moment it is released as it may not be required or benefit your company in anyway. It has been estimated by Gartner that spending in the IT department will increase by 3.6% this year alone.

People and Management
1. Complying with changes in the privacy act

The introduction of a new set of privacy ethics have come out on March 14, highlighting the regulation of handling and taking care of�personal information.

2. Anti bullying laws

Bullying can occur in any organisation and it is the responsibility of the firm to bring staff together so that they understand the recent changes to the legislation. working together with your employees ensures that you and your firm understand and support these new changes.

3. Mental Health & Mindfulness

It is important for us to understand the impacts of committing ourselves to our work has on or state of mind. Each employee has a limit to the amount of workload they can carry and process at the same time. If this threshold is breached the employee feels stressed and this will have a great impact not only on their productivity at work but can also impact their normal lives. Providing methods for your employees in order to handle stress is imperative for an organisation to keep a healthy and stable workforce.

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